Nonna Caterina


We’ll be delivering our heat at home, handmade Italian food to your door, each Friday!

Home delivery to: Presteigne, Kington, Eardisley, Winforton, Hay-on-Wye, Clyro, Talgarth, Brecon. Please give us your address, postcode and phone number, when you order. *Feel free to ask if your location isn’t listed! 


Heat at home menu:

Delivering Friday 08/07

Our much loved southern Italian dish, made with UK aubergines, layered with mozzarella, tomato sugo, basil & parmesan £11

Braised cannellini salad with pomodorini, red onion, capers & basil, served with Alex Gooch ciabatta £6

Lasagne Marchigiana

Our handmade egg pasta layered with local beef, chicken & white wine ragu £11

Lasagne con funghi & gorgonzola 
Our handmade free range egg pasta layered with chestnut mushrooms & a butter, sage & gorgonzola besciamella £10

Bay leaf panna cotta with apricots & toasted organic almonds £4

Brandy tiramisu £4

Alex Gooch Bread 

Ciabatta - 400g £3.20


Olive ciabatta £3.40

Focaccia - Garlic & Seasalt - 400g £3.90

Almond cornetto (croissant) £3.20

Chocolate cornetto (croissant) £3.20

Our meals are cooked and chilled, ready for you to heat at home.

Payment online via BACS or PayPal or cash on delivery


Thank you for supporting small businesses and local, real food producers! 💕

Free delivery on orders over £10

**Please check with us about our current menu, if you have any allergies**


Buon appetito!!